Michael Eric Dyson

Praise for Michael Eric Dyson

“Such is the genius of Dyson. He flows freely from the profound to the profane, from popular culture to classical literature.”
Washington Post
“Dyson is not only the most talented rhetorical acrobat in the academy—he is also one of the most courageous and engaged intellectuals in America.”
—Cornel West
“Michael Eric Dyson embodies the ideal public intellectual for our time: translator, boundary-breaker, and healer of a war torn culture.”
—Naomi Wolf
“My man Mike Dyson is not only a serious intellectual, but a hip brother who can identify with everyday people.”
“A major American thinker and cultural critic.”
Philadelphia Enquirer
“Effortlessly and with conviction, he weaves together a range of themes from gangsta rap to graduate seminars, deepening them with highly varied and vividly portrayed personal experience.”
—Noam Chomsky
“Dyson riffs with speed, eloquence, bawdy humor and startling truths that have the effect of hitting you like a Mack truck.”
San Francisco Examiner
“One of the most eloquent and wide-ranging black public intellectuals… He moves fluently between academic and popular audiences, between ‘high theory’ and ‘low life.’”
—Stuart Hall